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5.2. URI Handler

5.2.1. Introduction

In order to allow installation of AppStream components from websites, software-centers implementing AppStream may choose to also support the appstream: URIs.
This allows upstream projects to trigger an installation of their application from their homepage on any supporting distribution. It also is helpful for web-based software-centers.

5.2.2. URI schema

Software-centers handling appstream: URIs must provide a handler for the x-scheme-handler/appstream mimetype. An AppStream URI follows the schema appstream:%{component-id}.
Example HTML code:
<a href="">Install KDE Discover</a>
<a href="appstream:org.gnome.Software.desktop">Install GNOME-Software</a>
<a href="appstream:org.freedesktop.AppStream">Install libappstream</a>

5.2.3. AppStream Buttons

If you want to allow users to open your software in their local software center from your website, you might want to use one of the easily recognizable AppStream buttons for your appstream: link.