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AppStream API Reference
AsComponent — Object representing a software component
as-enums — Some enums used by various other modules
AsRelease — Object representing a single upstream release
AsIcon — Describes an icon of an application.
AsProvided — Description of the provided-items in components
AsScreenshot — Object representing a single screenshot
AsImage — Object representing a single image used in a screenshot.
AsDatabase — Read-only access to the AppStream component database
AsMetadata — Parser for AppStream metadata
AsDataPool — Provides access to the AppStream metadata pool.
AsDistroDetails — Provides information about the current distribution
AsMenuParser — Parser for XDG menu files designed for software-centers
AsCategory — Representation of a XDG category
AsValidator — Validator and report-generator about AppStream XML metadata
AsValidatorIssue — Object representing an issue found in AppStream metadata
Object Hierarchy
API Index
Index of deprecated API
Annotation Glossary
AppStream Manual Pages
appstreamcli — Handle AppStream metadata and the AppStream index