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Tue, 22 Jan 2008

NEEDINFO returns to Bugzilla - sortof

Hi Folks, Thanks for your patients in this, I was only looking into this earlier today and think I've found a solution that works - sort of. The background behind NEEDINFO disappearing is due to Mozilla removing it in v3.0.0 version of bugzilla. Their reasoning is to force accountability of every bug. Ie: a bug is always assigned to someone.

Since we run a stock standard bugzilla we found out about the removal the hard way. From an admin point of view I'd prefer not to modify bugzilla as changes get lost or need to be reimplemented each time bz is upgraded.

However, after watching how ppl in work, it's clear we do need something; I think implementing NEEDINFO as a keyworks is the best option for now and hence I've now added:


as a keyword. To get a list of all the bugs without the keyword sadly an advanced search ( is needed. If you don't want to figure out the advanced search simply add:


to any search url and you'll get the relevant bugs removed - you can then save that as a custom search.

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