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Tue, 09 May 2006

care and feeding of your fd.o account

Long time no update (none this year, in fact). Oops.

One oft-neglected area of fd.o seems to be account maintenance. Probably something to do with the only procedure being 'ask sitewranglers for updates', and said sitewranglers disclaiming all responsibility, but not properly documenting the new procedure. Oops. :)

The procedure for account maintenance has been documented on the wiki for a while now. The new account policy is, in short: file a bug assigned to the project you want to join, attach (not paste) GPG and SSH public keys, get approval from someone in a position of authority in the relevant project, and reassign to the product, and the New Accounts component.

The procedure for care and feeding of your account is a bit more complex. We have a mail gateway set up to deal with most everything (including changing your SSH keys), provided you still have the GPG key you signed up with. There's some loose documentation on the AccountMaintenance page on the wiki; there's also some more comprehensive documentation at the Debian site (we use the same system, but without the web interface, at least for now).

Of course, if you need to attach a GPG key to your account, or something else out of the ordinary, the sitewranglers are still at your beck and call.
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