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Mon, 15 Aug 2005

disks break, hilarity ensues

So. Uhm. Yeah, stuff.

One of the disks in gabe's RAID array failed recently, and when the machine came back up from a reboot, the RAID controller took the disk's word for granted. Oops. The damage is confined to the root partition, so only stuff in /etc and /var is gone (in terms of data loss).

We've spent some time vi'ing config.pck files from Mailman, and attempting to reconstruct list configurations (most seem OK, except dbus, which looks to be rather terminally broken), and getting rid of extremely fun filesystem corruption all through the Postfix spool directory, etc. However, there's still a lot of transient breakage around. In particular, many bug attachments in Bugzilla went to a better place -- they simply disappeared. Some lists and list archives in particular are broken.

If there are any specific problems, please let us know on IRC on #freedesktop, or at 'gabe is broken, help pls', 'the website is broken', and 'wtf is up with bugzilla?' are not terribly helpful. Please try to be very specific.
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